PLL 5x12 "Taking This One To The Grave" GRIEF/Deception: Mona Vanderwaal!


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I know that you from USA come very often to my blogs to read my PLL reviews, and thank you so much for that. I really appreciate that. And thanking you guys for that, today I'll make special thing for all of you... An entire english version of this week's episode. I have to tell you that I'm completely frustrated and upset about #FAtalFinale, the mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars, the episode 5x12 titled "Taking This One To The Grave".

Let's start... I will not lose too much of my time detailing and mentioning some previous episodes, as the whole plot of Cyrus Petrillo, the frenemie of Alison's.

Mona was implicit from the beginning of the season to the liars, that the real enemy of them was their leader, Alison DiLaurentis.

I am impressed to see that ONLY NOW, with the commentary of Mona, both liars as much of viewers took into consideration abou the thought that Alson DiLaurentis was a sociopath. I mean, it was apparent from her first flashbacks in season 1.

One thing I liked the dynamics of Pretty Little Liars was just a social issue not directly mentioned. Since the beginning of the story we have impressed people, people wanting to be accepted, people wanting to be friends, and not being accepted, which is something very real and existing, socially speaking.

Mona has suffered so much bullying that even developed manifestations of depression, split personality, even panic attacks. I can not ACCEPT that there are people who are in favor of Alison and against Mona. I mean, at least now, I think most people will be able to analyze from a different angle now, that I've been standing up for since years ago, that the real victim of this show, was Mona Vanderwaal ... And so Jenna Marshall, Toby Cavanaugh and Melissa Hastings.

I mean, we have examples of Georgina Sparks in Gossip Girl, or Katherine Pierce in The Vampire Diaries or the acclaimed Klaus Mikaelson of The Originals. All of them (if we take away from the last two the vampire atmosphere) can be considered clear sociopaths? Not much, except that Georgina was not clear to us, but by a single brief scene where her parents were shown in episode 1x18 from the show she's part of, (Mona) could have the same problem as Klaus and Katherine ... What if these two does'n are "natural" sociopaths, they are victims of TRAUMA. Yes, trauma. The actions of each of them can be simply explained and attributed to the issue of their sentimental/family traumas, because as we all could see, they in fact have great expressive feelings as Klaus crying the death of his brother Kol or the betrayal of his sister Rebekah; or Katherine crying the death of their parents and years later the death of hes daughter Nadia.

Now why mention this? Because the case fits perfectly on Pretty Little Liars. I've always said that Mona was actually the great victim the story, and she is. I think it will be possible now that everyone realizes it. Mona was a normal girl, I mean the what it's considered socially and healthy normal... She was her entire childhood bullyed, humiliated and ignored by Alison. Guys, this girl tortured Mona even within the church!

In the same case that I put up there with Klaus and Katherine, she suffered certainly caused her traumas (Mona), which can be explained by her actions as -A in the first three seasons. Notice that in reality, Mona acted to get revenge on Alison, sure it was with her ​​friends. And besides, since the middle of season three, Mona gave clear signals, after being mentally stable, that she regretted every evil deed she committed referring to the girls, helping them countless times, like delivering the recording to Hanna that could incriminate hes mother, among other stuff.

By the way, I have always standed up for that Mona is the one who was always actually a friend of Hanna's, you guys ignore the bad acts related to health problems. A thing that Alison never was, in fact, for any of them. Notice how Alison lived instigating Spencer against her sister, Melissa. And again what I always said, was confirmed truthful; Melissa loved her sister.

Already Alison, I think that fits perfectly within the framework of psychopathy. This clearly because she always felt good hurting and humiliating the others people. And I think the show, Pretty Little Liars, actually indirectly raises a social issue that we live in society. How many psychopaths/sociopaths we don't have lying around? How many people were not traumatized by constant bullying, and some of them even came to suicide?

Mona in my point view was the clear example of a 'strong' person, because despite everything, she remained strong. So even I think she have served as an example to Lucas and the other victims of Alison.

Anyway, taking off the social question, I can not express how I am unhappy with the outcome of yesterday's episode of the series; Taking This One To The Grave.

Maybe there is something that Mona really knews about Alison and Alison knew about Mona... I related the episode's title and the fact of Mona's death directly with another episode that I do not remember the name, which Alison appeared to Emily and 'saved' her and said "Two can only keep a secret if one of Them is Dead", and so this phrase as the title of yesterday's episode refer to the theme song of the show. Anyway, what I mean is that it is implied that both Alison and Mona, could very well have some sort of agreement between them not to reveal things that one knew the about other; like this motive why Mona was killed.

Mona besides being my favorite character for years, was certainly one of the best, if not the best character in this show. I was disappointed that only now, in these last three episodes that have left explicit that Mona was not a psychopath, and that she had feelings, and that she regretted her actions... Not to mention her confrontation with Alison in 100th episode. And in the end, they give us this terrible outcome to the character. Alright they wanted a "shocking" death, that surprised the audience.

Mona is so clever that she already noticed that Alison was up to something big, even arranging to manipulate other girls; just did not think it was her death. :/

And between us, it was NOT surprising, but extremely sad and frustrating. If they wanted an amazing, shocking and unpredictable end, they could kill Emily or Aria.

I had even already been worried since the previous episode when Mona was crying in the bathroom and said to Aria "Maybe I should have just died when i fell off that stupid cliff.", Making a direct reference to when in the books, Mona had died. It was terrible for me. Especially when Mona mentioned that she knew that she was the first on the list of Alison's enemies, and that after she (Alison) came to end things with her, she would go against the others (the liars).

The question here is... Why kill one of the most complex characters in the whole plot? The brilliance of things was that we had exactly two living ends and often conflicting, being Mona at one side, the liars in the middle, and Alison another. Some fans felt stupid what Mona was doing, to assemble a group with all the victims of Alison, unlike me, have found it extremely plausible, it was more than obvious that Alison would want to make a false peace, as she tried to with Paige through Emily, just to make everything back to the way it was ... Having Hanna, Aria, Emily and Spencer in the palm of her hand, and continue as always to torment Mona, Lucas and the others. As Mona guessed it already, she joined forces with this crew, including Melissa Hastings.

Alison decided to fight back, because as Mona's plan of attack was to make the liars to see that their real enemy was Alison, what they really were already realizing in recent episodes, and turning against Ali ... Ali on the ohter hand, decided to retaliate by withdrawing Mona each one of her allies playing the "friend", and making Mona to seem the villain, leaving Mona alone and 'unprotected'.

With it, you can be sure that Lucas and Melissa,  if she return to Rosewood, are the next on the list.

The outcome is completely predictable in the whole show. We are used since the Pilot, the 1x01 until the season 4 finale A Is For Answers, the 4x24, the implicative suspicion in terms of characters who in the end was not what we thought they were... As premised suspicions that Ian had killed Alison, that Garrett killed Alison, that even Byron or Spencer killed Alison ...

Ultimately, however, what I've noticed, and try to make it explicit in the reviews I've done, is that since the 5x01 ​​"Escape From New York", the show changed completely. Marlene King is probably already tired of writing for pre-teens, overshadowing all of her creative and even psychotic skills. Here in the first few episodes of this season that we have clarity on this idea... We had seasons and seasons of bullshit to have a 'not concrete' answer as to who pushed Ian in the church tower when he tried to kill Spencer, in the season finale of the first season... And that in the end, Alison told the girls that it was she, after three seasons. Already in season 5, we are not having as much bullshit as well as the fact that the body of Jessica DiLaurentis have been found just in 5x02, or accurate accounts of who was Bethany Young, right at 5x06.

Predictability does not exist anymore on Pretty Little Liars, the predictability of super bullshit and nothing is what it seems. Clear evidence of these arguments of mine, I give respect to the direct suspicions that Melissa had something to do with the death of Bethany, and that Mona was the one to die in yesterday's episode. And it was said and done, the show is not the same anymore, they were not cases of bullshit that in the end would be something else. Quite the contrary, it was exactly what we were expecting.

And when I say that the outcome was clear and obvious... This time, it is very likely that we will have this whole other mid-season of suspicions that Alison is -A, and most likely at the end of the season we have something pretty impressive to take away all the focus and suspicion that she is -A. And that the real end of the whole thing will come as a bomb that actually Alison is in fact -A, but not the total villain os the thing, I would credit this to the Cece Drake, the master manipulator of the whole show.

In case, if it was just to be one more death to prolong the mystery plot of the thing, they had to kill characters that do not add a damn thing to the story... As the group of lovers... Yes, Ezra, Caleb and especially Toby. Toby has been a beautiful pain in the ass the last mid-seasons; adds nothing to the story and only takes minutes in the episodes coming and going from places, and scenes of romance with Spencer, which add nothing to the story. Or Caleb, that while I have always liked him, and that Haleb has been my favorite couple until last season, since he returned from Ravenswood, he has added absolutely NOTHING to the story. He has been over an irrelevant support character, which only served to blur Hanna of good ways of life. The character could have had more information about Alison from Mrs. Grunwald, from the days when he was in the show, but not... He comes back with nothing, and without adding anything. Yet also, the stupid Ezra Fitz... The guy wrote a book about all the history that was happening to these girls, and never did anything directly to help them (only pre-teens to still trust him), and in the end this damn book did not serve to add nothing to the story... No  extremely important data, unless the reference to Jessica DiLaurentis. These three could be eliminated from the story, and the would not make any miss to the central plot. Even Paige, that a lot of people in fandom Spoby, Haleb, Ezria and Emison hate, has added this season MUCH more than the three aforementioned characters TOGETHER. I will not even talk about how Mona herself added, as it is frustrating. Incidentally, Mona indirectly carried the show on her back until Alison's return. I, like many people out there, just kept watching these years of stalling, just because of Mona Vanderwaal, which is a impactful, shocking, interesting, well-structured character, and in a very realistic way,

It is amazing how these executive producers do everything to detonate really good characters in the name of fandoms... As done with Jenny Humphrey on behalf of famdom Chair on Gossip Girl, or Katherine Pierce and and some mischaracterization and unfocusing of Stefan Salvatore on behalf of Delena fandom in The Vampire Diaries. Or older, with the withdrawal of Oliver Trask on behalf of famdom Marissa and Ryan and the withdrawal of Anna Stern on behalf of famdom Seth and Summer on The O.C. By the way, I leave here my sincere respects to the last mentioned show, because Marissa Cooper's death, in the case, was a real IMPACTFUL AND UNPREDICTABLE death.

Now back to talking about Pretty Little Liars, to see what was about to happen with Mona, and what really happened was completely terrible. It was the second and only time a show made ​​me cry. The first was when Anna left The O.C, in a sense of deep sorrow and pity; and this time, in relation to Mona, was in full sense of revolt and injustice. Just like... (Yikes!) Marlene King ... Kill Mona? If an enemy was to kill Alison, why not killed soon Jenna was already almost dead a thousand times? A character (Mona) who could add much more dynamic in the show, and could be much utilized as main character. Admit it, she was placed as a regular in season 3, and as a main character since season 4, but appeared much as Jenna and other recurring character.

The only plausibility that is, is that Alison has not truly friends. She has been betrayed by Shana, will be betrayed by Noel, and most likely will be betrayed, only in the end for Cece. By the way, I officially stopped watching Pretty Little Liars. I possibly yes, watch to some scenes on Youtube, or some flashback of Mona, or even watch the Halloween special and the Christmas special, when we will probably see the liars finding the Mona's body, which explains the title "How the Stole The Christmas", and will certainly lead us to the wake of Mona in 5x14. Which however, this things are not enough to keep me watching the show faithfully, since the reason I had been continuing to watch was 'murdered' ... And in violent way.


I badly have 'forces' to theorize much about what happened here, since the evidence that Mona had managed to incriminate Ali would be certainly stolen when she was killed, but I do can make a few guesses on the plot.

Who I think killed Mona? Who I think entered the house? 
Simple... Cece Drake and Alison DiLaurentis. Who came up the stairs after opening the door of the house, clearly had slightly curly hair and more platinum tones, and very long wires, which leads me directly to Alison.


However, it became evident to us that the person who entered the room to kill Mona, was another one, with slightly shorter hair. I refer directly to Cece Drake.

In the case, recalling the 4x02 episode, -A once tried to kill Mona, in her car, which however, Mona could face the enemy and escape from death.

So I think super plausible, n order to now allow her to escape again, there were two people, to prevent she could save herself over again, this time going to her Alison herself, with the help of her little friend Cece Drake.

Mona has probably tried to defend herself, and so we have broken things in the living room of the house, and traces of blood on the wall; this but, Mona would have been murder at her room.

We could also reference to that mysterious girl, Sara Harvey, also has something to do with the situation, instead of Cece, or Wren Kingston, which I firmly believe to be the Beach Hottie. By the way, I believe Bethany Young, being a few years older, was actually the twin of Cece Drake or Sara Harvey. And still sticks in my head, the blurred blonde who appeared in a glass along with Mona looking Hanna at the beauty salon. Or was that actually a reference that who has a twin in the show, is actually Mona Vanderwaal?


Some also note that Mona could have faked her death, with a simple detail in the past two episodes, she fainted...

Having a discreet bandage on her arm, which could reference that she was drawing blood from herself to simulate the whole situation, and that includes this idea of having the blood in the house and the signs of violence, but no body, creating a scene to incriminate Alison. However, the body is shown in the final scene... Some signals the issue of twins, again to say that the eyes of the corpse of Mona were with the iris more to green than to its actual tone, hazel; this because when a person dies, he loses the brightness and vivacity of the eyes. However, I do not find this a plausible question, although I had rewinded four times to see it directly.

But the reference that could point to a forged death would be that in the christmas stable ridden by Emily, -A took the Jesus doll and put the Mona in its place.

Okay, When Jesus died, it is also said that he revived days later... Is this a reference requested to be left by Mona herself? Worth thinking about it, but this ideology is not enough to keep me watching, while I think she's actually really dead. And in case, if it was really a forged death, when she came back, I would go back to watch the show immediately.

Which leaves me with a tinge of justice, is Hanna have mentioned to Leona Vanderwaal, Mona's mother, Mona was afraid of Alison, and they all were too. And the very next day, Leona is seen by Mona leaving the director's office, and then Alison being called... What probably took Leona to ask for protection for her daughter in relation to Alison, which certainly angered Alison at that time, and that led her to commit the crime. The dramatic potential of the episode was very well prepared, painful and congratulating itself; however, the death of the chosen character itself, which was already being planned since mid 4x12, is unacceptable.


And seriously, the cops on this show, except for the wonderful and iconic (yes, I love her), Detective Tanner, are all stupid for not realizing that something really conspiratorial, manipulative and schematic is going on round those girls. But you can not expect much from Rosewood's police, since the people from there decide in a few weeks before they want to be police officers and they get to be in a few weeks later, with their dream fulfilled.

And about Spencer have been caught, cause of Alison's depoiment after the lie detector, is more than likely that mom and dad will get her out of jail very soon.

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